*Masks Match Modes

  • ICREOS Moon Mini can combine used with any Conductive Sheet Mask.
  • We strongly recommend our clients use their Trusted Brand Sheet Mask. 
    • Please note: most of the Cream Masks, Clay Masks and Gel Masks are Non-Conducting, ICREOS don't support any Non-Conducting Masks or Cosmetics.
  • Expensive Sheet Masks is NOT a must.  Since our device is designed to Boost the result of sheet mask essence absorption. Even if you use the Cheap Sheet Mask, you should get a better result with ICREOS Moon Mini.
  • Different kinds of ingredients in Sheet Mask MATCHES different Smart Modes in ICREOS Moon Mini.
  • Electrotherapy-Smart Modes 3-Brightening Penetrating
  • Electrotherapy-Smart Modes 4-Moisturizing Penetrating
  • Electrotherapy-Smart Modes 4-Nourishing Penetrating
  • Electrotherapy-Smart Modes 5-Purifying Cleansing
  • Electrotherapy-Smart Modes 6-Lifting Penetrating