Cosmetic Electrotherapy



Ion+ Cleansing
ICREOS Moon Mini is designed to solve such issue with Ion+/- Electrotherapy technology.
Mode 1 is designed to be Makeup Remove Mode. It's designed based on "Unlike poles Attract".
Mode 1's Metal Side is the Positive Electrode.
The Micellar Water dissolves the foundation and other cosmetics left in your face
The Positive Electrode Metal would attract the Negative Conductive Dissolved Cosmetics especially the Heavy metal residue.


Ion- Penetrating
Most of the Expensive Essence is not well absorbed in the usual way.
ICREOS Moon Mini is designed to Boost the result of essence absorption and Maximize the cosmetics effect.
It will infuse and penetrate active ingredients into the skin with Ion- Electro-therapy technology.
Mode 3,4,5 & 6 is designed based on "Like poles Repel", it's Metal Side is the Negative Electrode.
The Negative Electrode would REPEL and Penetrate the corresponding Ingredients Cosmetics deeply into the skin.